What is the Golden Visa?

The Golden Visa is a unique residency-by-investment program available in several countries around the world.

It grants individuals and their families the right to live, work, and study in the host country in exchange for a significant investment.

The program is especially popular among non-EU nationals seeking access to Europe, offering benefits like enhanced mobility, quality of life, and potential routes to permanent residency and citizenship.

How do you access the Golden Visa?

By a one time investment of 500.000€ in a regulated fund like VIDA.

Golden Visa | Vida Cap
Golden Visa | Vida Cap

Why Portugal?

Benefits of the Golden Visa in Portugal

Experience the Best of Europe with Portugal’s Golden Visa.

Portugal’s Golden Visa program isn’t just a pathway to residency. It’s a gateway to a multitude of benefits that enrich your life and that of your family. Here are the key advantages.

Freedom of Movement

Enjoy the freedom to travel visa-free within the Schengen Area, offering access to 26 European countries.

Family Inclusion

Extend the benefits to your immediate family, including your spouse, children (if under twenty-five) and not dependent, parent-in-law (if above sixty five), ensuring they too can enjoy the privileges of residency.

High Quality of Life

Portugal is known for its excellent quality of life, with a superb healthcare system, a high level of safety, and a friendly, inclusive community.

Educational Opportunities

Access to Portugal’s education system, renowned for its high standards and including some of the best international schools.

Path to Citizenship

After five years from the application of the Visa, you have the option to apply for Portuguese citizenship, granting you and your family all the rights and benefits of EU citizens.

Investment Potential

Benefit from Portugal’s growing economy, particularly in sectors like hospitality, technology, and real estate.

Cultural Richness

Immerse yourself in Portugal’s rich history, vibrant culture, and its famous culinary and artistic traditions.

No relocation needed

Access a EU passport without the need to move your fiscal residency and change your lifestyle. Portugal has currently the only Golden Visa program in EU that allows you to get a citizenship without the need to live there. It is only required to travel 14 days every 2 years.

What are the benefits of the Golden Visa in Portugal?

  • NPathway to European Citizenship. Get an EU passport for your family and yourself in 5 years since you start the application.
  • NNo relocation required and low minimum stay (14days/year). Don't change your tax residency if you don't want to.
  • NEffortless application with minimal requirements.
  • NExcellent Tax Benefits.

How to get it?

The process of obtaining the Golden Visa in Portugal involves several key steps, we will accompany you at each step of the way.

Almost each step can be done without being physically in Portugal.

Eligibility Assessment

Understand the criteria and choose the right investment path.

Lawyer Introduction

Get introduced to our lawyers that will help you gather all the documents.


The lawyer will help you request your NIF (Portuguese Tax Number).


Gather all the Know Your Customer documents necessary.

Bank Account

Open your Portuguese bank account.

Get the fund manager approval

Transfer the money to the fund manager and get the approval of the investment.

Application Submission

The lawyer makes the application through the Portuguese immigration authority.

Approval and Biometrics

Once approved by the authorities, the investor and his/her family will need to come to Portugal a few days to finalise the application and do the biometrics process.
This is the first time the investor needs to physically come to Portugal.

Residency Permit Issuance

Once approved, receive your residency permit, valid for two years and renewable.


The entire process typically takes around 6 to 18 months from the initial application to receiving the residency permit. The waiting time is taken in consideration for the passport application.
This means that the 5 years wait to apply for the passport starts when the application to the Golden Visa is submitted.

Golden Visa | Vida Cap

Tax Residency

It is important to point out that holders of a Golden Visa in Portugal are not required to become a tax resident in Portugal.

The Portugal Golden Visa Program will not carry any obligation to report taxes in Portugal unless you spend more than 183 days of the year in Portugal or qualify for the requirements to become a Portuguese tax resident.

Application costs

Submission Golden Visa - Initial Fee

Expense: Submission Golden Visa – Initial Fee.

Amount: 773.74 Euros / Family Member.

Payment Date: With the submission of the Golden application.

Approval of Golden Visa - Issuance of Cards

Expense: Approval of Golden Visa – Issuance of Cards

Amount: 7,730.11 Euros / Family Member.

Payment Date: With the issuance of the Golden Visa cards.

Renewal I of Golden Visa

Expense: Renewal I of Golden Visa.

Amount: 3,865,79 Euros / Family Member.

Payment Date: At the time of renewal (2 years after issuance of the card).

Renewal II of Golden Visa

Expense: Renewal II of Golden Visa.

Amount: 3,865,79 Euros / Family Member.

Payment Date: At the time of renewal (4 years after issuance of the card).

What are you waiting for?

Imagine the possibilities that await you and your family with the Golden Visa.

A life filled with cultural richness, security, and opportunity in the heart of Europe.

This isn’t just an investment in your future; it’s a gateway to a world of new experiences, growth, and a legacy that extends beyond borders. Take the first step towards transforming your family’s life and embracing the vibrant, dynamic lifestyle that Portugal offers.

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Golden Visa | Vida Cap

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