Why invest in hospitality

Investing in Vida, the Portuguese hospitality growth fund, unfolds a unique tapestry of advantages in a country known for its thriving hospitality sector. Firstly, funds, like Vida, enable diversification, spreading investments across Portugal’s rich landscape of hotels, resorts, and related ventures.

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Maximizing Returns in Portugal's Hospitality Market

This not only manages risk but taps into the nation’s diverse and growing hospitality market. Secondly, Vida’s professional fund managers navigate this landscape with finesse, leveraging their expertise and market insights to strategically invest in Portugal’s flourishing hospitality industry, potentially maximizing returns.

Portugal’s stability, combined with Vida’s proven track record of managing over €2B globally, positions it as an ideal destination for investment.

Accessing Portugal's Market via Fund Investment

Additionally, funds grant accessibility to Portugal’s vibrant market, providing opportunities that might be complex for individual investors.

Lastly, investing in Vida aligns with the collaborative ethos of funds, allowing you to benefit from Portugal’s hospitality success collectively while enjoying the advantages of economies of scale.

Golden Visa | Vida Cap
Golden Visa | Vida Cap

What returns can you expect

Target return + 2 x ROE (return on equity) with 4% annual dividends distributions subject to profits.

If you invest 500,000 Euros you can expect to receive an annual dividend payout of 20 000 euros. On exit of the fund at 7 years, you will receive 2x money invested ( minus the accumulated dividend payout).


Minimum Participation


Golden Visa Requirement




Annual expected returns

Investment strategy

Exclusive Off

Pathway to European Citizenship. Get a EU passport for your family and yourself in 5 years since you start the application.

Vertical Integration

The company owns substantial control over its operations, leading to superior risk management compared to asset managers relying on third-party operators.

Hands-On Process

A group of seasoned company builders and entrepreneurs take charge of the transformation process, implementing physical interventions and refurbishment as needed.

Experienced Operations Team

Focuses on optimizing margins through cost reduction while also enhancing non-core revenues.

Portfolio Sample


Location: Algarve, Portugal


  • Family-owned business faced mismanagement and bankruptcy.
  • Lenders seized assets for liquidation via auction.
  • Negotiated deal with landlords and lenders pre-auction, acquiring property at attractive price.

Intervention and Value Creation

• Refurbishment from poorly operated hotel to a premium lifestyle 1 to 2 bedroom
serviced apartment operation
• New restaurant, bar, spa and gym
• Strong wellness and music programming
• Repositioning in line with booming surf culture

Capital Allocation

  • € 7.2m
  • Keys 37
  • Cost per key €350,540
  • Size 34,640 m2 (Total GCA 4,787m2)
  • CAPEX €5.4m
  • Expected Returns +12 % IRR operational yield + exit
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Golden Visa | Vida Cap

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